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Erasmus+ Sevilla wrażenia uczniów



Wrażenia i spostrzeżenia uczniów Zespołu Szkół Zawodowych im. Stanisława Staszica w Pińczowie w trakcie i po odbyciu stażu zawodowego w ramach programu Erasmus+ w Sevilli w maju i czerwcu 2018 roku.


I really enjoyed the apprenticeships in Spain,I learned a lot wokrking in a hotel.The whole stay was wonderfully organised. Our tours and Spanish course were great and the people were very friendly 

Alicja Łukasik

The Euromind owner and representative of the hotel welcomed me very warmly. The city is beautiful. The experience I have gained gives me a chance to develop professionally and personally. I would definitely like more of this type of training

Anna Kocerba

During the stay in Spain the weather was nice. Excursions to interesting places were organized, we visited a lot of monuments. I've learned a lot of interesting things while doing my apprenticeships. 

Barbara Siutka

My apprenticeships stay in Spain was great. I visited a lot of historical places. I got to know the culture. During my training, I learnt many new things related to my profession. People here are very nice and friendly. We stayed in a great hotel. We had very an amazing trip to Cadiz. 

Damian Duda

It was interesting in Spain. The organization was well thought out, my traning was well chosen. The trips were interesting, the other could be better. The accommodation could be a bit better. 

Dominik Ciesielski

Our stay in Spain was the best thing during our education. Thanks for the opportunity to visit, nice places and meet kind people. This time was also a relax for us. 

Justyna Skrzela

The stay in Seville was great, rich in attractions and getting to know the new culture. Working at Euromind has helped me gain a lot of experience that I will use in the future. Jacob, our coordinator and the rest of the team has prepared a pleasant stay for us. I received the highest mark for my apprenticeships. 

Karol Schab

I really enjoyed my stay in Spain. Accommodation and local food suited me. The trips and the whole stay were perfectly organized perfectly. The guides and Spanish teachers were nice and friendly 

Paweł Krzyk

My apprenticeships in Seville took place in a great atmosphere. There were very interesting and well-organized excursions. And that's all thanks to Kuba who was our best coordinator, as well as other euromind employees. The training at Salesianos Trinidad was very cool and it made a good impression on me, we saw a lot, but we also learned the necessary skills. I would highly recommend training Spain. 

Marcin Kilian

My apprenticeships in Sevilla were great. I worked at the hotel Casa Del Maestro. I gained the necessary skills needed in my profession. I met new people, culture and I tried local dishes. There is a great atmosphere here. Spain is beautiful! 

Maria Skrzypek

I really enjoyed staying in Sevilla. It was a great time. Thanks to the wonderful employees of "Euromind" and especially thanks to Cuba. Very well organized trips to places of interest. These were the best two weeks in my life. 

Karol Mika

the weather was sunny but sometimes it was raining. I liked the internships, I learned a bit of language, met cool people. Sevilla is a beautiful city. I really like the sights I saw during our trips around this city. 

Milena Brzezińska

The best 2 weeks that I spent with the best people! and with a friendly and helpful coordinator Kuba! Sevilla is a very beautiful city. The language course was useful and during professional training I learned a lot of important skills that will surely be useful to me at work.

Dominik Molenda

I really enjoyed my stay in Spain. I've learned a lot from the trainings at Fontecruz. The accommodation was fine as well as the food. The organization of trips were also well organized as well as entire apprenticeships. The people I worked with were nice and friendly. 

Natalia Błaszczyk

I really enjoyed seville. people here are very nice and have a great sense of humor. I have learned a lot from the practice I've been doing here. I met a new culture and customs related to Spain. 

Natalia Cierniak

My apprenticeships in Spain have given me the opportunity to see new places, learn the basics of language and work in a new environment. Sevilla is a city worth visiting due to interesting monuments and beautiful landscapes. I'm sure that I will never forget my visit here. 

Patrycja Cieślak

Spain is a beautiful country. People are nice and kind. I've acquired a lot of new skills from the apprenticeships. I've done here. 

Patrycja Kocel

I think that time I spent in Sevilla was great. During my traning at App Informatica Los Remedios I had lots of fun and leared a lot. I also met many interesting people. The trips to Cadiz and over the Sevilla were fun too (not including the sunburns :)) I saw some amazing monuments and some Spanish art. The time I spent here was great I would reccomend it to everyone.

Patryk Kasza

I really enjoyed the apprenticeship in Spain. I visited many monuments in a sunny Seville. People are very nice here. I learned many things that can still be done in relation to my profession. We stayed in a nice hotel. We had an unforgettable trip to Cadiz 

Paweł Boksa

Apprenticeships in Spain were great. I saw how the work in the hotel looks like. I spent a great time with nice people there. I visitet many monuments, I swam in the ocean and I got to know the tradition of this beautiful country.

Natalia Ręboch

I spent two wonderful weeks in Sevilla. I got to know the basics of the Spanish language. During the training, I learned a lot of useful things

Sebastian Badura

Sevilla is a beautiful city, I am glad that I came here for practice. During our stay we took trips around Seville and Cadiz. We enjoyed the beautiful views and the culture of Spain.
I liked the training of Salesianos Trinidad. It was a combination of working with fun and learning new things like working with fibers. My training was well organized and I would recommend it to everyone. 

Daniel Wojtaś

My stay in Sevilla was very successful, I visited a lot of interesting and beautiful places. Learning Spanish playing games was very interesting and useful. My training was interesting and pleasant, I learned a lot of useful things. Everything was perfectly coordinated without any harshness. 

Wojciech Poros

I will never forget my practices in Seville. I have learned some useful things that I will certainly use in my work. I met new people thanks to whom my apprenticeships here was an interesting experience. 

Bartłomiej Wójcik

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